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wembley matters Thursday, 25 September 2014

Brent TUC and ex-Labour councillor join call for 

independent investigation into Brent Council 

following racism judgment

Brent Trades Union Council (Brent TUC) has followed Brent Green Party in calling
for an independent investigation into Brent Council and their Corporate Management

This is the resolution passed at their meeting yesterday:
Brent Trades Union Council considers that the Employment Tribunal judgement
that Brent Council has been guilty of racial discrimination, victimisation and
constructive dismissal brings shame on the Council, especially in a borough that
rightly prides itself on its diversity.
We call for the dismissal of Cara Davani, whose position is now clearly
untenable, using the Council’s disciplinary procedures.  
In the light of the tribunal findings, we call for an investigation
headed by an independent expert in race relations acceptable to
both Councillors and Council Unions of:
1. The extent of racism and discriminatory practices within the Council;
2.  The working culture of the Human Resources department;
3.  Brent Council's Whistle Blowing Policy to ensure that it adequately
    protects whistle-blowers from harassment and retribution;
4. Corporate Management Team officers being paid through their
   private companies rather than normal payroll;
5. The contractual arrangements for CMT officers and interim
6. Previous employment and business connections between senior
   offices appointed by Brent Council on an interim basis.
In addition former Labour councillor and member of the Labour Representation
 Committee, Graham Durham has written to all the current Labour councillors:

I trust you have read of the finding of race discrimination,
victimisation and constructive dismissal against Brent Council.
I recommend that you find time to read the full report of the case
( Employment Tribunal Case Number 3302741/2013.)
I  am sure you will agree that this is a shocking indictment  of an
 individual senior manager but also  of the apparent culture which
was allowed to flourish in Brent Council management. It is a disgrace
to all of us in Brent and especially to the Labour Party which was in
control of the Council throughout the period referred.
I am sure that you will want to ensure appropriate disciplinary action 
commences promptly. Perhaps more importantly I hope you will support
the demand of Brent Trades Council that an independent enquiry is
established headed by an independent expert in diversity practice and with
membership agreed by Council trade unions and the Council members. The
enquiry should cover diversity policy, management behaviour and culture
and the rights of staff to be  protected  from victimisation.
Many of you will know that Brent Council once had an international
reputation for challenging racism and promoting equalities. In the 1980’s
the Tory press attacked the Labour Council ,of which I was proud to be
a member, for our determination to challenge decades of racist behaviour.
Journalists from The Sun and other papers harassed us but we stood firm.
Our stand then led to a proud history of record numbers of black councillors
and MPs in Brent and for Brent having a reputation as the equality Council.
This proud reputation is now in tatters. It will be important for us to debate
in the party how the Council leadership allowed this to occur.
I urge you to take immediate action to try to restore our reputation

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