Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Amendments to our education policy

When the London Fed, ( London Federration of Green Parties).  agreed last night to consultation with community and campaign groups regarding revision of our education policy I was asked to circulate the wording of the placard I displayed. The placard had been applauded by striking teachers on the London march

 *NO* to privatisation, academies, free schools, phonics test and SATs

 *YES* to creative teaching in democratically accountable LA schools

 *TOO MUCH, TOO SOON!*/(reference to formal curriculum for young children starting to soon)

 *68-TOO LATE!* (/reference to pension reform proposal requiring teachers to work until the age of 68)/ /

If anyone would like to join in drafting amendments to our education policy to take into account the changes brought about by Michael Gove please email me on mafran@globalnet.co.uk

acknowledgements to Martin Francis

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