Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Green Left and Green Party Trade Union Group Public Meeting 14/9 Brighton

How can Greens in Local Government Fight Austerity ?

Starting with BRIEF introductions to the meeting from

Peter Allen (Green Left),  Dani Ahrens (Brighton Bedroom Tax Victims' Support Group),Sean Thompson (Left Unity), Adam Ramsay (Oxford Green Party/Young Greens),

Chair: HOWARD THORP (Green Party Campaigns Co-ordinator)
ALL Brighton Green Councillors will be invited to participate

Saturday 14th September at  8.00 pm Brighton Media Centre FRIESE-GREENE HOUSE 15-17 MIDDLE STREET  BRIGHTON BN1 1AL

Local Councils across Britain are in severe financial crisis, finding it difficult to carry out their statutory duties and certainly unable to expand and improve services in a climate of growing need. Brighton and Hove Council is in a particularly difficult situation, having suffered deeper cuts in central government funding than most.

● What is to be done?

● How can Green Councillors in Brighton and Hove and elsewhere most effectively fight the cuts?

● What role can Green Party members and anti-cuts campaigners play?

● How best to link up with local campaigns against council cuts ?

● How much more difficult is this when our Green Council in Brighton and Hove are making cuts?

● What should be our response to anti cuts campaigns in Brighton and elsewhere?

● Should Green Party members support Council workers and Unions in dispute with Councils?
 Even Green led Councils?

Should Green Councillors anywhere EVER vote for cuts?

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