Friday, 26 July 2013

Support for Natalie Bennett's stance on migration.

As Secretary of Green Left and Secretary of the Green Party Trade Union Group I wish to add support from these groups to Natalie Bennett's stance on migration. The letter from Sandy Irvine et al grossly misrepresents opinion within the Green Party and indeed wider opinion on this topic, (has nobody heard of the work of authors such as Fred Pearce and Danny Dorling (not as far as I know, GP members) who suggest that population alarmism is misplaced).

When combined with despicable attempts to whip up anti-immigrant xenophobia, population alarmism lends itself to a first world first agenda  and distracts attention from the real cases of global economic and ecological crises. I now look forward to being accused of attempting to 'shut down' debate on population which is the usual response of Irvine et al to any criticism of their obsessional stance.

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