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Enough is enough: Celebrities, MPs, Trade Unions and campaigners pledge to end austerity Britain

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Press Release
26 March 2013
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Enough is enough: Celebrities, 

MPs, Trade Unions and 

campaigners pledge to end

austerity Britain

After a disastrous budget, a failing economy and a government
of millionaires intent on making the poorest in society poorer,
a new movement against austerity will be launched to challenge
the government's austerity plans.

Press conference today with:
Caroline Lucas MP - Owen Jonesjournalist
Mark Steelcomedian Katy Clark MP -
Francesca Martinezcomedian and disabled activist 
Steve Turner, Unite the Union, 
Kevin Courtney, National Union of Teachers,
Zita HolbourneBlack Activists Rising Against the Cuts.

11:30am, Tuesday 26 March 2013
Unite the Union, 128 Theobald's Road
London WC1X 8TN

Thousands will converge at Westminster Central Hall on 
Saturday 22 June to plan a campaign that can play a key
role in ensuring that this uncaring government faces a 
movement of opposition broad enough and powerful 
enough to generate successful co-ordinated action, 
including strike action.

Supporters for the People's Assembly include:
Len McCluskey General secretary, Unite the Union
Mark Serwotka General secretary, PCS
Christine Blower General secretary, NUT
Michelle Stanistreet General secretary, NUJ
Manuel Cortez General secretary, TSSA
Billy Hayes General secretary, CWU
Bob Crow General secretary, RMT
Mick Whelan General secretary, Aslef
Jeremy Corbyn MP
John McDonnell MP
Murad Qureshi London assembly member
Tariq Ali Author
John Pilger Journalist
Ken Loach Filmmaker
Richard Wilson Actor
Lee Hall Playwright
Roger Lloyd Pack Actor
Josie Long Comedian
Iain Banks Author
Arthur Smith Comedian

Quotes from some of the participants include:
Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion (Green party):
“This Tory-led Government’s failed austerity drive and its shameful
attacks on the poorest and most vulnerable are devastating the
economy and destroying our social fabric.  With the worst of the 
cuts to welfare and public services still to come, the People’s 
Assembly Against Austerity is a once-in-a-generation opportunity 
to unite against this reckless administration and expose the lie
 that there is no alternative to cuts.  Now is the time to take a
stand alongside the millions of anti-austerity campaigners across
 Europe – and ask ourselves what kind of society we want to
 create for ourselves and for our children.”

Steve Turner from Unite the Union:
“For the last three years this government has exploited the
 global financial crisis to carry out an extreme ideological 
attack on everything that we hold dear in this country 
– our NHS, our welfare state, our public services.
The Tory-led agenda of austerity and spending cuts coupled
 with further privatisation of key services has proven to be 
an economic failure with borrowing up, key industries
collapsing and living standards depleted. George Osborne’s 
response to his own failure is more of the same.
In the face of this onslaught we need unity and solidarity.
Whether it’s communities campaigning against the privatisation 
of their local NHS services, mass marches against austerity 
or industrial action against bad employers we must join together
 to build a powerful campaign against this government and in
 favour of an alternative. Unite backs calls for a mass movement
 against the cuts and is supporting the People’s Assembly Against
 Austerity. Only by providing genuine popular opposition rooted 
across the country can we hope to bring to an end to this 
Coalition’s reckless slash and burn policies."

Comedian Mark Steel:
"If you've ever yelled at the television while George Osborne 
is on, or fumed at how the poor are made to pay for the mess 
created by the bankers, sign up to the People's Assembly. 
Then we can all tell and fume together, and that's how the 
world gets changed."

Francesca Martinez:
"I'm backing the Peoples' Asssembly because I don't believe 
either of the two main parties represent the interests of the 
citizens in this country. Their policies show that they represent 
the narrow agenda of the business elite which is proving to be 
very dangerous for democracy. It's time for the majority to demand 
a government and a system that puts people before profit, and 
that protects everybody's human rights."

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