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Motion to TUC disabled workers conference

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Dear Darren

Happy New Year!

Are you in a union or do you know anyone who is in a union? If so please could you ask your union rep if this motion can be put forward to go to the TUC disabled workers conference which is being held in May. The deadline for motions is 20th February but unions are deciding which one to put forward now.

I hope you can help.

Thank you very much

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Motion to TUC disabled workers conference
Conference notes that only a handful of Members of Parliament have a declared disability. If Parliament was to represent the population of the UK there would be 65 disabled MPs.
The requirement to work full time to be an MP is a barrier to many people, including carers and women. It also prevents disabled people who are unable to work full time from standing for Parliament.
Conference notes:
*    the campaign being run by Disability Politics UK to change the law to allow MPs to job share.
*    the Representation of the People (Members' Job Share) Bill presented to Parliament on 20th November 2012 by John McDonnell MP.
*    the e-petition which has been started:
*    the legal advice obtained by the Equality and Human Rights Committee - on Disability Politics UK website - which advised there was a reasonable prospect of success if the Electoral Commission was judicially reviewed.
Conference agrees to:
*    Support the campaign to change the law to allow MPs to job share.
*    Ask union members to sign the e-petition in support of the law change
*    Ask all TUC member Trade Unions for financial support for a test case of judicial review.


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