Monday, 17 December 2012

Clegg targets pensioner benefits

If the Coalition, Conservative Party or...
David Francis10:27pm Dec 17
If the Coalition, Conservative Party or Liberal Democrats try to
 withdraw the Bus Pass and other universal benefits from 
Pensioners there will be a massive campaign by NPC & Other 
Pensioner Groups . Also Trade Union Retired members will be 
part of that campaign. It is rumoured the threshold for 
withdrawal will be quite low. Not just rich pensioners.

Please make sure the Green Party supports Pensioners. The Bus
Pass is environmentally friendly and has social benefits. An 
investigation in Devon where I live found that it also benefited the 
local economy by encouraging pensioners to travel and use local 
shops, cafes etc. Quite apart from the reasons I have given so far
there are now huge numbers of pensioners with votes (pensioners
are the most enthusiastic voters) .

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