Sunday, 11 November 2012

Tax Justice ePetition by Caroline Lucas MP

Tax Justice ePetition by Caroline Lucas MP

October 19, 2011
Caroline Lucas MP has started this e-Petition.  100,000 signatures are needed to get it debated in the House of Commons.


Responsible department: Her Majesty’s Treasury
We applaud campaigns by trade unions, church groups, and civil society demanding tax justice and join them in calling on the Government to take action to identify those avoiding and evading tax. Firstly, the Chancellor should force all multinational companies filing accounts in the UK to reveal their use of tax havens and publish what profits they earn and what tax they pay in each country in which they operate, without exception. Secondly, banks should be required by law to give details of all accounts they maintain for companies operating in the UK so HMRC and Companies House can chase any companies who pretend to be dormant to evade tax. These two simple changes could help recover billions of pounds of lost tax for the UK by revealing those hiding their income from view.

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