Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Occupy Conference Sheffield?

Solidarity To All

 I just wonderd If you have recived the below email? Were loooking at dates in April before the 28th. Were looking for helpers who want to make this conference happen?

 Thanks From Michael Solidarity

To All

 My name is Michael and I am involved in the Movement. I am planning to hold a conference for organisations, charity’s, faith groups and active groups, to present beliefs, views and ideas.

 This event will be an opportunity to express opinions on a wide range of global, international and local issues. I believe that ’’ Occupy’’ is a platform for everyone’s view point to be voiced. (A mirror to the grass root issues of Sheffield.) While looking at the history of activism, I learnt that some active groups splintered into smaller collectives, even though their aims were the same.

This gave me the Idea for "Occupy Glue"- An event of true Solidarity and a chance to listen to your ojectives or beliefs about Occupy's aims. Organisations and charities that have the same kind of views to the Occupy movement cannot be involved in political activism.

This why I believe Occupy Sheffield can help these organisations and charities. I also want to create a regular Speakers corner (Outside the Town Hall?) and the conference will help us create this event. This event will bring an understanding throughout the community and build relations. I am informing you all on this idea to get a rough estimate on who would be interested on attending this Conference and if anyone would like to get involved in making it happen?

 Thank You Michael
Tel: 07532420817 Email: m_a_m1978@hotmail.com

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