Tuesday, 13 March 2012

NZ Lockout dispute: GPTU Statement

Talleys/AFFCO: End the lockout!

Talley's/AFFCO has locked out 1,000 meat workers in an attempt to force them and their union, the New Zealand Meat Workers' Union, to accept changes to their collective agreement - changes which will make it easy for the company to impose individual contracts on workers and thereby to set wages unilaterally. Changes which will eventually destroy the Core Collective Agreement now applicable to AFFCO's 8 plants in New Zealand's Northern Island.

Tell AFFCO and its parent company Talley's to lift the lockout and return to the negotiating table!

STATEMENT FROM Romayne Phoenix, Green Party TU group 13/3/2010 

The actions of AFFCO in locking out workers in order to force changes to their collective agreement are indefensible. This vindictive attack on your workers is all the more reprehensible as it occurred while mediation was in progress. I urge you to immediately return to genuine negotiations with the NZ Meat Workers Union and end your assault on working conditions and workers rights.

Romayne Phoenix
Green Party TU group

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