Monday, 21 November 2011

GPTU Appeal; New Leaflets and a New Banner for Xmas

Happy Winterval, Give us a fiver for a banner and some leaflets,

The Green Party Trade Union Group is festively begging for your dosh. Our new leaflet has been successful and much demanded, but we are running out of replacements. You can print out from the on-line pdf accessible via the blog at But we still need a stock of printed out leaflets for stalls, events etc. We also need a new banner after the old one vanished last March. Ideally we’d like to commission a hand-made William Morris style job, but all we can probably run to is a cheap plastic one using a design by Romayne Phoenix.

Currently we are not getting any financial support from GPEW, we’ll keep asking but I doubt if we’ll get much or if we get anything that we’ll get enough for what we need to do now, so please fish us out some money from your copious pockets, wallets and purses.

Happy winter solstice (to those who celebrate it)

GPTU Secretary

Please send donations to GPTU Treasurer Joseph Healy at 98a Grosvenor Terrace, Camberwell, London SE5 0NW.

Or direct to the The Green Party Trade Union Group account , Royal Bank of Scotland, Hoborn Branch, 127-8 High Holborn, LondonWC1V 6PG
A/c No: 10144969 Sort Code: 160053    

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