Saturday, 6 August 2011

38 degrees, Bombardier and the railway manufacturing industry

From: Peter Robinson

Subject: {climate-change-trade-union-netwk} 38 degrees, Bombardier and the railway manufacturing industry


Date: Saturday, 6 August, 2011, 0:35

You may be well aware of the Bombardier issue and how this relates to the future of the British train building, and to combating climate change. Some people may think that this battle is over but this is far from the case. Indeed the anger and the revulsion is immense. It is rather like the campaign against the privatisation of the Forests, insofar as it is touching a cord with many people who are not of the left and not from the trade union movement. Paul Routledge wrote in the Daily Mirror:

"I’ve seen a few demos in my 40-odd years on national newspapers, but I’ve never before seen one that drew in the Tories, Labour, the unions and the management.

It’s a bit like Thatcher, the Coal Board, Neil Kinnock and Arthur Scargill leading a march to save the mines. If the ConDems think they have a coalition, they should try looking at this one in Derby."

The Climate Alliance, in partnership with the railway union TSSA, are now trying to persuade 38 degrees to take up the case. 38 degrees have a site where suggestions can be put up, and voted on. TSSA are also about to contact their contacts, hoping to show the strength of feeling.

Please go onto the site and use 3 of your votes and ask all the people you know to go onto the site and use their votes. The proposal is called

Bombardier and the future of the British train building and the link is here:

If you wish to see how the 38 Degrees consultation operation works go to

Please do your best to help make the issue go viral!

Peter Robinson

Secretary of the Climate Alliance.

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