Thursday, 17 March 2011

Support the Redhall workers!

GPTU (the Green Party Trade Union Group),would like to send a message of solidarity to the 400 Redhalls workers at Hull who have been locked out by their employers. GPTU calls for the immediate and full reinstatement of these workers without any prejudice to their future work and prospects and all past earnings paid in full.

We understand that these workers were working on  a bio-ethanol plant, which is a problematic enterprise as far as many in the Green movement are concerned, Nonetheless GPTU maintain that the Redhalls workers deserve fair and proper treatment from the employer, just as any other group of workers does. An ecologically sustainable future can only be built on the basis of economic and social justice for workers, not the type of bullying and coercion that lock-outs represent. Support the Redhall workers!

Secretary GPTU 17/3/2011

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