Friday, 11 February 2011


Friends Meeting House Booked Wed 16th Feb - 5.45 pm till (not too )late - Room 1 Mount St - behind Central Library

Anyone with concerns about the Advice Services is Welcome. Hope you can make it!

Did you know Manchester City Council have announced they will completely close Manchester Advice in the next few months-they cynically try and say that the voluntary sector advice services can pick up the slack -no way. > We still have to send people to Manchester Advice when we are too busy -plus the council cut almost £half million off our funding for the current year.

We need to let councillors know we want them to vote against the closure WE also want to let the public know about this and get them to lobby their councillors before the decision is made on 9th March

We also need to get MPs, councillors and the public to oppose the government's plan to scrap legal aid for welfare, debt, housing, consumer etc from next year

We have got together letters to councilors and MPs, leaflets, stickers, plans to involve the public -come along to the meeting to learn more about what going on and what you can do to save advice in Manchester

In advance please write to Richard Leese, Council Leader and you local councillors c/o Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square, MANCHESTER M60 2LA

If time also write to your MP at House of Commons London SW1 0AA

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