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SERTUC day of action against the cuts SATURDAY 15 JANUARY

Sent: 22 December 2010 18:31
Subject: SERTUC day of action against the cuts SATURDAY 15 JANUARY

To TU officers and trades councils in the SERTUC Region

Dear Colleague

The SERTUC Executive Committee is calling for your active support for street level action in every community on Saturday 15 January – organised by you!

The challenge is to counter the government’s lies about
·         the economy has never been in such a state
·         spending on public service are the cause of this
·         deep cuts to public services are essential
·         these are difficult decisions – but they are fair

Millions of media pounds and constant political repetition has given the public a diet of lies and half truths – so the Executive Committee believes we have to use our considerable human resources (our members and our commitment) to talk to our communities and win an understanding about the depth of the government’s political attack on working people.

What can you do?

The invitation is to all affiliates, trade union branches and trades councils:
make your voice heard locally on Saturday 15 January

Can you organise a street meeting, workplace activity, a street stall, a demonstration, a media-worthy stunt, community leafleting, press release, street theatre – or any kind of event that will attract people to talk to you, that will attract local media coverage, and that will ensure that our neighbours understand that cuts are not the answer – and, we can make a difference.

Can you involve and work with local organisations – whether organisations campaigning on a specific issue such as a library closure, or broader groups such as Pensioners’ organisations or Tenants’ Associations?

We are producing A5 leaflets and briefing documents – available shortly

In the meantime, please let me know what you’re doing and where so we can map the activity across the Region

Attached is a short and simple outline of the TUC’s opposition to government policy – arguing against putting the burden on working people through cuts in public services, and for a policy of growth, closing tax avoidance and evasion loopholes, and a Robin Hood tax on the banks – there is much more on http://www.tuc.org.uk/theme/index.cfm?theme=alltogether and www.falseeconomy.org.uk

The pamphlet also contains (on the inside back page) a black and white poster for the TUC’s national demonstration on Saturday 26 March.

Speaking of which:
TUC National Demonstration, London ,  Saturday 26 March 2011

SERTUC carries a major responsibility for mobilising for this demo as it takes place in the heart of our Region.
Already Unison and Unite have told us that they are planning coaches from all major towns.

This demonstration will not win the fight against the government’s attack on working people – but it must make a considerable contribution into demonstrating that people understand that their attacks are political, and not economic.

So please spread the word!

Please note the following action points:

Saturday 15 January

SERTUC day of action to bust the government’s economic lies

Monday 14 February

Oppose the St Valentine’s Day massacre of our services

Tuesday 8 March

Expose the impact of the cuts on women on International Women’s Day

Saturday 26 March

TUC National Demonstration in London

Sunday 1 May

Celebrate International Workers Day

Thursday 5 May

Kick out the ConDems in the South East and East of England local elections

Wednesday 1 June

Expose the injustice to our children on International Children’s Day

Megan Dobney
SERTUC Regional Secretary
SERTUC is the TUC in London , the South East and Eastern Region
SERTUC, Congress House, Great Russell Street , London WC1B 3LS
020 7467 1291
07932 87 38 38

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