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A moral outrage: 30% increase in trade unionists killed world-wide

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With acknowledgements to Phelim Mac Cafferty

Subject: A moral outrage: 30%  increase in trade unionists killed world-wide


The annual survey of trade union rights was released today -- and I'm sorry to say that the news is not good.
According to the International Trade Union Confederation, 101 trade unionists  were killed last year. And that represents a 30% increase on the year before.

That even a single human being dies because they are members of a trade union  is a tragedy. That 101 are killed in a single year is a moral outrage. 

South Africa:
Appeal for support from striking Dis-Chem workers

We've launched a new urgent action campaign at the request of the South   African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union (SACCAWU).  SACCAWU members have been on strike for two weeks and the employer is refusing to negotiate. The union is claiming that among other things, Dis-Chem is guilty of wage disparities based on race and this in the new South Africa , nearly twenty years after the collapse of apartheid.

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