Wednesday, 7 April 2010

We now need your help to get Caroline elected for Brighton Pavilion.

Phelim Mac CaffertyApril 7, 2010 at 3:34pm
Subject: Help Caroline get elected in Pavilion.
Dear all

Many apologies for lack of communication of late-

So Brown has called the election and we now need your help to get Caroline elected for Brighton Pavilion.

Action Days are happening every Saturday between now and election day. This Saturday is no exception- from 10:30am, we will gather at the Eco Centre (just opposite Brighton train station) .
Canvassing is happening throughout Brighton Pavilion on a daily basis. If you want more details of either, please contact Alex on 07908 260 528

Caroline and the Greens have reiterated our call for a state pension of #170 per week in the last week, and we look forward to celebrating International Workers’ Day at Lewes Rd Community Garden.

In case you need a reminder of the policies that Caroline is bringing to this election, please click on the election video:;
--Against ‘business as usual’ approach to the scandal of the bankers and the crisis they have induced on society
--urgent government investment in jobs
--For strong action on climate change
--A Living Wage
--#170 a week pension
--oppose cuts and privatisation in the NHS

Now is when we need your help- without the Lord Ashcrofts or the Hinduja brothers, we rely only on the time, efforts and donations of our volunteers. You can donate here:;
But above all you can help by canvassing, by leafleting, by offering to put a poster in your window or even by offering to help on election day itself. If you can spare even an hour between now and May 6th, please get in touch.

Best wishes, Yours fraternally
Phelim Mac Cafferty

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