Wednesday, 13 January 2010

TWO chances to see Joel Kovel in London in January.

Green Left and Socialist Resistance are co-organising a seminar studying the causes of the Palestine conflict, with an emphasis on frequently ignored issues. Speakers include Gilbert Achcar (Eastern Cauldon, The Clash of Barbarisms) and Joel Kovel (Overcoming Zionism, The Enemy of Nature). Leaflets are online at

The event will be held on Saturday 16 January at Friends House, opposite London Euston station, from 10.30am to 5pm. Registration will open at 10am.

Workshops planned will include:

Zionism and the ecological catastrophe in Palestine;
Gender in Palestine;
Palestinian Refugees and the Right to Return;
Palestinian trade unions;
Land and water in Palestine;
Revolutionary struggle and national liberation;
Building direct solidarity;
Does the Zionist lobby control US polcy?

Tickets are steeply discounted for early bookings:
Advance £12/£6
On the door £15/£8

Buy advance tickets from:

Joel Kovel will be speaking at a London Federation/Green Left meeting at the Lucas Arms, Grays Inn Road, at 7pm on Monday 25 January. Joel talking about his book, “The Enemy of Nature, Overcoming Capitalism or the End of the World?” the situation post Copenhagen, and anything else people want to discuss, on Monday the 25th.

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