Tuesday, 24 November 2009

schools and Copenhagen

Anon - a real teacher - from Islington, London says;

"There is a push on from the Islington sustainable schools group for schools to take their own demonstrative action for a proper deal at Copenhagen on Friday 4th Dec.

One of the year 5 classes at my school discussed this this morning and are proposing that we have a whole school demo round the block (a mini wave, maybe a ripple), make posters, send letters to Downing Street, get a petition up for parents, write to the local MP, do press releases. Good start. Shows what one lesson/discussion can do. There are only about a dozen schools signed up to the sustainability group, but there's no reason why others shouldn't join in too. How many school demos can we get on the day?

Checking out the Islington Council website, they signed up to the 10:10 campaign in September (one of the first to do so). Amongst other stuff in their statement they claim that all schools in Islington are going to get their roofs insulated "in time for winter". As winter is about a week away, has anyone seen any sign of this initiative?

I've asked the sustainability group for a brief summary of their initiatives/action plan so we can have a look at it at the meeting."

Let's have thousands of schools doin stuff during Copenhagen week!

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  1. Interesting post, glad to here schools and pupils are responding well to Islington's Copenhagen Campaigners project.

    If other schools would like to be involved, we are inviting schools to take part in a "stand against climate change" event on the 4th December at 2pm. Schools need to take a photograph (from high in the school) of pupils in the playground making a stand and creating a visual message for COP15.
    Pupil's ideas so far have included all dressing in green, creating a "stop climate change" message by standing in the shapes of letters etc

    These will be shown at our school's mini climate talks event on the 9th December.

    If you would like more information, please do contact me on 020 7527 1813.