Tuesday, 6 October 2009


The Campaign against Climate Change plans to facilitate teach-ins on climate at universities and colleges around the country this autumn. A NATIONAL MEETING for university staff and students interested in organising these teach-ins will be held in London from 2pm to 4.30 pm on Saturday 10 October, in Room G50 at the School of Oriental and African Studies, Malet Street.

Teach-ins are not business as usual. But we face a crucial moment for the future of the planet when world leaders meet this December in Copenhagen to discuss a new climate treaty. The evidence is mounting that we must act quickly and boldly.

What happens during a teach in is that a department, a school, or a whole university decide to concentrate on climate for a day. They still use the timetabled rooms. But instead of normal teaching, they run lectures and seminars on climate change, using the expertise of staff and visiting speakers. So geography teachers would approach the topic in one way, history teachers in another, and drama teachers in yet another. Students also organise speakers and workshops.

The best way to begin organising the teachins is probably for a small group of staff and students meeting together in each university or college. The support of staff unions will be crucial, and UCU may need to negotiate with management. It is likely that most staff will want to participate, and that some senior managers will be supportive. Where management cannot be moved, staff and students might have to make alternative arrangements.

The possibilities for lectures, seminars, and workshops are vast. The Campaign would, however, encourage people to pay attention to the need to act quickly and boldly, green jobs, and the prospects for a global treaty at the Copenhagen talks.

For further information please contact

Julie Filer [whoevaur@hotmail.com and 07843694006]

or Chris Walker [chris.walker@campaigncc.org and 07963055050]

or Jonathan Neale [findjonathan@hotmail.com and 07913-904646]

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