Thursday, 14 May 2009


Dear Green Left Saints,

How are you? I'm Michael O'Neil and I work with Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping...we're going to tour the UK from May 19th to the 31st and on the evening of May 31 we're performing at the Limehouse Town Hall in London. That day we would love to make a street action happen along with local radical saints such as yourself.

Reverend Billy is the Green Party candidate for Mayor of New York City in this year's election, and Reverend Billy is a personal friend and supporter of Joel Kovel. The support of the Green Left community during this tour would mean a great deal to us!

Some points of action that have been suggested to us include the 3rd runway at Heathrowe, Westfield Mall, or making an appearance at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park. We want to celebrate the activist community in London as well as engage in some real community defense.

Can we talk with you about ways to make that happen as well as ways to reach out to communities (online and off) in London? Amen! Thanks so much for your work -Michael O'Neil

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