Friday, 7 November 2008

PCS Strike Meeting 12.30pm Mon 10TH Nov Supported by Luton Trades Union Council

Marc Scheimann will be speaking for GPTU at this event and at at Luton & St Albans TUC rally on 7PM 19th November

PCS workers seek your support PCS workers support you!

Following the successful rally held on 1st May 2007 striking PCS workers are again asking for solidarity from Trade Unionists in Beds and Herts.

LTUC welcome all Trade Unionists and supporters to the meeting. PCS will be on strike on the day to protest against their employers disgraceful pay deal but they also face job cuts at a time when the country badly needs to invest in the public sector.

In fact government workers do a wide range of essential jobs from issuing passports to keeping the highways safe. They ask only to be reasonably paid and staffed to do the job.
The LTUC helps to bring workers together to fight against poverty wages, bad working practices and joblessness

Now is the time, with the threat of short time working at GM, with; Unison Health workers needing to re-open their 3 year deal for a safety net against inflation, and local government workers still seeking a fair deal, Teachers balloting on pay and Unite members in NACRO launching a petition against a 2.1% pay deal. Now is the time for Trade Unionists to get together and show their strength.

CWU Picket 2007

Please attend this meeting. If you would like to send a speaker to either support the PCS or to speak about your own workplace please contact Geoff Webb at

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