Monday, 14 April 2008


The Campaign against Climate Change is supporting the demonstration against the third runway at Heathrow on Saturday 31st May. Over 3000 people attended a public rally on this issue at Westminster Hall, so it promises to be a big and exciting demo.

The demonstration will assemble at 12 noon at Hatton Cross Tube Station.
It is vitally important that we get as many trade union banners to the demo as possible. We need to show the young people who will be on the march that the unions are their allies in this struggle. And it would be good for trade unionists to experience the dynamism and energy that young climate activists have brought to this campaign. Please encourage your own branch to bring its banner (model resolution attached) but also phone round your contacts and ask them to do the same.

For further details see

Please feed back to me details of any trade union contingents that you know will be attending the demo.


  1. Many thanks for destroying my daughters 18th birthday - I will not be able to get around the expected traffic tomorrow!!! It's not as if you can do anything about the bloody climate now anyway. The volcano's erupting in prehistoric times let off more harmful gasses than any cars or planes could. What is happening is the natural progression of the planet - deal with it and let everyone get on with their lives!!!

  2. I hope your daughter's birthday wasn't ruined: I'd be surprised if it was as I was at the demo and the disruption looked pretty minimal to me...

    If you really don't believe that man has anything to do with climate change you should look at the science. As long ago as 2005 the scientific evidence on climate change was clear enough for the science academies of the G8 nations including Brazil, China and India who are among the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the developing world, to issue a statement saying that serious action must be taken to combat climate change.

    Here are three websites for you to examine the science and the arguments for yourself:
    The Royal society website: (the climate pages)

    I also am a big fan of George Monbiot who spoke at the demo. His website ( has some brilliant past articles by him on these issues.

    As for your final comment ("deal with it"): that's what I think we should be doing about this issue, ie get real and stop pretending it's not happening....