Saturday, 8 March 2008

SHELTER DISPUTE Derek Wall's statement for GP

Dr. Wall said

"Workers at Shelter are taking industrial action because they have been told by the homeless charity that their wages must be cut. The Green Party of England and Wales supports the strikers, and calls on Shelter to reject pay cuts for its hard working staff."The tendering of services via the market is a way of cutting wage costs and increasing poverty rather than increasing efficiency. It simply widens the gap between rich and poor in Britain."It is richly ironic that a charity that seeks to deal with one symptom of poverty in the form of homelessness, has become part of a New Labour approach that will increase poverty."

Notes to editors1- more information, contactMatthew HanleyGreen Party Press Office020 7561 0282

The next strike day is this coming Monday, 10th. Its even more important that we have a good showing, as the Senior Management Team are meeting at 88 Old St all afternoon, followed by a meeting of the Shelter Board. We also know that lots of non union members at Old St didn't get to work because of the picket line, so we need to make sure that's solid. We'll be at 88 Old St all day from 7.30 am, and hoping to have a rally at lunch time in the park opposite.

The lobby of the board will be from 4pm at Shelter's other offices at City Forum - 5 mins walk from 88 Old St - which we'll walk over together for, and if there's enough of us there, we will carry on till they finish at 6.30.

This is the leaflet we're using and the petition.Please encourage anyone you can to come on Monday, at any point is great - if they're coming after work and can lobby the board they can call to check where we are.

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