Monday, 7 January 2008


Sian Berry, Green Mayoral Candidate accompanied Barnet & Camden Green Party Candidate - Miranda Dunn and former Green AM Noel Lynch to attend a demonstration outside Finchley Memorial Hospital to protest the threatened closure of a Church Crescent GPs' surgery. The retirement of one of the partners has left Dr Dodds' surgery struggling to maintain its premises, and the local Primary Care Trust has proposed a costly temporary move before requiring the surgery to move into the PCT centre at Finchley Memorial in 2010.

Dr Dodds and his supporters protested outside Finchley Memorial Hospital; where a meeting between local GPs and their Practice Managers had been called with Barnet PCT. The demonstrators were asking the Trust to find a permanent home for the surgery in its present area, a mile from the hospital.

Sian said:"Local, accessible primary health care is essential to our wellbeing, especially for those who are less mobile. Barnet PCT should be doing everything in its power to keep the surgery in the local community, not dragging all its GPs into a central hospital. When we've got a government splashing out on tax cuts for the rich, nuclear weapons and white-elephant motorways, it's obscene that we are threatened with cuts and privatisations in the NHS. The Finchley campaigners have my full support, and I'll carry on campaigning for an NHS that is public, well-resourced and run for patients not profit."

A Beautiful Soul
by Stipan Saulic (one of Dr Dodd's many grateful patients)

Our dear doctor Kenneth Dodds
we often think of you
Being tender kind and caring
such people we only know a few

Your days are quite busy
from babies to elderlyall patiently queue
People love and trust you
because your heart is so true

You always have a welcoming smile for us
and an understanding word or two
The Church Crescent Surgery
you've charmed into our home too

The medications you prescribe
in our best interest and well being
so we don't come back
having lazybones or another unpleasant feeling

May this poem be a little thank you
to the most wondrous doctor of all
For all the harmony and happiness
that due to you our families enjoy

And if recommendations
also for heaven be
May then kind Gods
for a true believer hear plea

May your life be as happy and joyous
as of the luckiest that have it all
May you be heavenly rewarded
for your beautiful soul!

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