Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Miranda Dunn Green party candidate for Barnet and Camden supports CWU strike


Dave Ward of the CWU says "the threat to postal services" his members are striking against "is real". I can bear witness that Dave Ward and the CWU are right. The loss of local offices is not just to the local workers. The loss of our post office has hit the community badly. Years on from the closure, we have lost three other shops from our high street and small businesses and pensioners have to travel much further and queue for longer. The staff who provided the excellent service, now transferred to other branches, are threatened with lower pay and fewer rights.

The closure of the Post Office has taken capital out of the local community and into supermarkets. The loss of the small shops has undermined our quality of life. We must stand up for the CWU because the Post Office provides social glue and supports small businesses and individuality. The CWU workers represent those who rely upon the Post Office as well as themselves in this strike.

Miranda Dunn Green party candidate for Barnet and Camden

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