Tuesday, 4 February 2014

STEM 6 Islington Free School strike

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Teachers at the STEM 6 Islington Free School thought they had won an important victory.  Directors at the Free School agreed to recognise the NUT and other TUC affiliates for collective bargaining and will enter into meaningful negotiations about terms and conditions at the school. www.islingtongazette.co.uk/news/crime-courts/strike_at_finsbury_academy_called_off_1_3258919 <http://antiacademies.us1.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=f8eedbe0c9351706048923dff&id=1fa25fc59f&e=b2d819e827>

Less than a week after telling the NUT: 'We are not prepared to recognise you whether or not industrial action is taken', the Principal had backed down writing: 'Just to confirm that we are willing to recognise the NUT and enter meaningful negotiations'. Members at the school suspended the strike to allow further discussions on draconian contracts which include a lay-off or zero hours clause.

However Headteacher  John O'Shea has cancelled the meeting with NUT representatives.
Teachers have decided they have no option but to strike as originally planned.

Islington NUT Deputy Secretary Ken Muller said,

"The sooner John O'Shea and the STEM 6 governors honour their promises, respect their teachers and sign a standard TUC drafted union recognition agreement the sooner we can enter in to constructive negotiations about staff terms and conditions of employment and the sooner the school can focus on what it is meant to be doing: providing students with the high quality of education to which they are entitled."
Unfortunately, because they have not been able to do this, teachers at STEM 6 will be striking Wednesday and Thursday and picketing from 7.30 am onwards.

For further information, call Ken Muller on 07950075088 or email ken-muller@blueyonder.co.uk


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